Junior High Science

        Mrs. Samantha Lima, slima@csdo.org

Junior High 
Students and Families,

Welcome! I am looking forward to a year of investigation, problem-solving and science adventure! Attached you will find the science curriculum from the Diocese of Oakland a long with the state's Next Generation Science Standards. As our catalyst for discovery, we will be using the Full Option Science System (FOSS) curriculum in all grade levels. Feel free to read through them to see what students are expected to learn. If you have any questions, please email me at slima@csdo.org.

Your Teacher,
Mrs. Samantha Lima
Jr. High Science

Sixth Grade Science

Trimester 1: Weather & Water

Trimester 2: Human System Interactions

Trimester 3: Diversity of Life
Seventh Grade Science

Trimester 1: Chemical Interactions

Trimester 2: Populations & Ecosystems

Trimester 3: Earth's History
Eighth Grade Science

Trimester 1: Waves & Heredity/Adaptation

Trimester 2: Planetary Sciences

Trimester 3: Gravity & Kinetic Energy
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