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8th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

Mrs. Williams



·      To read, study, research and conduct experiments

·      To learn to utilize and understand the scientific method

·      To apply scientific concepts to their own practical world

·      To gain an understanding of basic scientific principles about

o   Gravity and Kinetic Energy

o   Waves

o   Planetary Science


Skills to be reinforced:

·      Note taking and outlining

·      Comprehension of resource text and related science themes

·      Research and Report writing

·      Investigation Reports

·      Application of engineering and design principles


Diocesan required concepts will be covered thoroughly so that students will enter high school with a solid background in Earth, Life, and Physical science. In this class, we will cover Physical Science.


First Trimester

Physical Science- Gravity and Kinetic Energy

Second Trimester

            Physical Science-Waves

Third Trimester

Physical Science-Planetary Science



Students should review their notes and assignments regularly so that they are prepared for tests and quizzes. Students are responsible for all homework assigned in class. NO late work will be accepted for full credit unless a student has been absent. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to speak to all teachers to get all absent work.




Science Fair:

Schedule: TBD .

7th and 8th grade are required to participate in the science fair.

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